Saving Accounts
Term Deposits

By: Lebanese Swiss Bank - Lebanon


With LSB, invest and enjoy easy access to your funds with attractive interest rates. The interest rate varies according to market conditions

General Conditions

Minimum Deposit:
LBP 500000
Interest Rate /Year:
variable interest
LBP 10,000
You can choose for monthly, quarterly or yearly interest payments, automatic renewals, automatic credit of interest and principal to your account on the selected due dates…


-Inter-branch transactions.
- E-banking services including SMS alert service and internet banking.

Applicant Profile

Minimum Age:
0 years
Eligibility :18 years of age (legal guardians may sign for minors).
A person in his/her name. More than one person in their joint names. Minor through guardian. Associations, clubs, Societies, Trusts, etc

Basic Required Documents

Copy of ID or passport.
Full address.
Specimen of signature.

More Information

call +961 (1) 346265 - +961 (1) 346269