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Debt –to- Income ratio
Debt-to-Income ratio is a comparison of your total monthly payments with your total monthly income. This ratio helps you get a better grasp on your current financial status, and find out whether your debt may discourage lenders from approving further credit.
I. Your monthly payments:(USD)
a. What is your monthly house mortgage or rent payment?
b. How much is your monthly car loan payment?
c. What are your total monthly credit card payments?
d. What are your monthly personal loan payments?
e. Other monthly debt payments?
Your total monthly debt payments: USD 0

II. Your annual income:(USD)
a. What is your annual salary/ income ?
b. What are your annual bonuses and overtime income?
c. Other annual income?
Your total monthly income:USD 0
Your debt-to-income ratio = 0%
Your debts are

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