Are you planning to open a personal or business account ? Are you looking for special features that suit your situation, such as advance on your salary or online banking? Best Bank Deal saves you the time and effort by presenting to you the best account options available in the market .

Choose the account that suits you best and apply online. You will then be contacted by your selected bank to present your documents and open your account.

Completing an application form does not necessarily oblige you to open the account

A current account is mainly used for convenience of the business or personal client. A customer can deposit or withdraw any amount of money any number of times, subject to availability of funds. Such accounts are not meant for the purpose of earning interest nor for the purpose of savings.
A payroll account is a bank account that is opened for the employee to receive payments by an employer. Salaries are transferred into the account directly from other business accounts. Such accounts are usually opened without a minimum balance requirement and may enjoy preferential interest rate, exclusive benefits, incentives and exceptional value added services.
A wedding account is usually opened for the future bride and groom prior to their wedding day in order to receive gift payments from family and friends. Banks usually offer exclusive benefits and many privileges to future couples. These may include saving incentives, loan advances, or honeymoon offers.
A youth account is meant to be for youth under 18 years and up to 25 years old. It could be specifically designed for teens, for students or for graduates. It is mainly used to manage money easily and issue a debit card. Banks usually offer competitive interest rates and other benefits according to age.
A special account is a current account that has additional features such as earning interest or special benefits such as discounts on fees or commissions. Such accounts may be designed for certain professions (doctors or lawyers) or for a certain group of customers with common needs such as expatriates.
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